Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 28th - It's the little things...

So today was really fun, we had some things happen today that only preemie parents can get excited about!  :)  His bedding needed to be changed today so Jason got to pick up Landon for the first time.  So far, we have only been able to touch him so this was REALLY COOL.  Also, I think Jason may have only held one or two other babies in his life so I was really excited for him. 

I LOVE this picture, Jason just looks like such a proud dad.

Also, Landon's left eye opened today!!!  We currently have a little "pirate baby" but I don't care.  It was so exciting to see him him open his tiny little eye and start looking around... It's the little things people!  Oh, and for the first time today he gained weight.  He gained 40 ounces , we are very happy!

Today was a little bittersweet though.  I was released from the hospital after a week and half stay.  I am really looking forward to sleeping in bed with my husband again, taking showers in my own house, not living out of a suitcase and mostly not getting poked at throughout the night by nurses.  It is really hard to leave though because I left no longer pregnant but also not with a baby in my arms.  We both know that Landon is well taken care of at the hospital, its just not how you picture things happening.  We stayed at the hospital for most of the morning and early afternoon, spent a few hours at home and then headed back at night to do his 8pm cares and make sure he was doing well so we could sleep a little more soundly.  We pray for him nightly before we go home and hope for good news every morning.  We are anxiously awaiting the day Landon can come home with us.

Much Love,

Jason and Kristin

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