Prayer Requests

6.8.2011 - Landon is finishing his last round of steroids this morning.  Please pray that they have helped to make his lungs strong enough so there is no decrease in how he is doing as they wear off.  Pray that his oxygen stays low, that he continues to breathe on his own, and that he remains strong and healthy.

6.6.2011 - Please pray for work for both Jason and I.  Jason has been back at work since last week and I can't imagine what that is like.  I am sure it is somewhat nice to get your mind off things but I can also assume it is infuriating at times when someone is "stressing" about needing more computer equipment and you are facing slightly different challenges.  Also, at some point I will need to head back to work.  Please pray for the timing of that as well as where I should head back to.  I have a few different options but I want to go wherever is best for our family.  I know Jason and I have both been thinking a lot about it and any extra prayers for direction would be helpful!  

6.4.2011 - It appears that the steroids have started working for Landon.  We are so hopeful that it will continue and we can switch him off his ventilator soon.  (there is a rumor that it might be tomorrow if he continues to do well)  The sooner we get him off that, the sooner we can hold him.  Please pray that his lungs are healing and getting stronger.  Please also pray for the doctors to know the correct timing for this switch and to not do it too quickly, we want whatever is best for our little man.  Please also praise God for giving us some definite victories, he has been hearing our prayers!

6.3.2011 - We have been told that we should see results of the steroids in the first 24 - 48 hours.  48 hours will be tonight at 9pm, please be praying that his little body reacts well to them and his lungs become stronger.  Also, he did not gain any weight last night (which is not a big deal) but please pray that he begins to gain again tonight, he will be weighed at his 8pm cares.

6.1.2011 - Today Landon started a round of steroids in hopes of helping his lungs develop.  Please be praying that they work wonders on him.  We need to get him off of the jet ventilator as soon as possible so we don't damage his lungs any further.  He has been struggling a little more than usual the past few days and it is really hard to watch.  Please pray for strength and growth for him, for him to have peace and be surrounded by love.