Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's been awhile... again!

So apparently I am getting pretty lazy with this blogging business!  I apologize again for taking forever to update things here.  Things have been up and down as usual, lets see where to begin.  Wow, when checking the pictures that haven't been added, they are all the way from July 1st!  Oops....

Alright, so July 1st we had bath time.  We have shown bath pictures before but this time little man was spoiled with his first ever TUB bath!!!

Lets start with before bath time, our little "baby burrito"

And now, onto the main event... 1st Bath in a Bath Tub!!!
(Well, it is a bed pan for most, but a bath tub for our little 2lb. baby, lol)

After bath time we got to Kangaroo for a little while, my favorite time!

And when we tried to put him back in bed, Landon decided to show off his big muscles for us.  Yup, little tripod baby doesn't want to lay back down yet...

I have more updates that are coming, just waiting for more pictures to load onto the computer!!!  Thanks again for checking in on the three of us and for all of your continued support and kind words.

Much Love,
Jason and Kristin

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