Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 26th - First Diaper Change!

So every 6 hours they do "Cares."  Cares is when they change his diaper, take his temperature, measure him, give him more food, etc.  Today I got to change his diaper for the first time, who would have thought I would be so excited about such a thing!?!  I begged Jason to become a photographer during this big moment!

Alright, so lets start with taking his temp...

And the diaper change...

We also just took some pictures for fun, to show everyone how little he really is!

Landon with his sunglasses... he really likes them when they are on!

That is Jason's wedding band on his foot.  He probably could have slid it up to his hip if he tried....

Much Love,
Jason and Kristin

May 25th - Getting to spend time with Landon

Wednesday, May 25th Jason and I got to spend some more time with Landon.  We went up there to hang out and take some pictures of our little boy.  He had a little bit of jaundice, so he was put under Bili Lights to help with that.  It kind of looks like he is in a tanning bed and he has to wear little black sunglasses anytime the lights are on the protect his sensitive eyes.  Also, late Wednesday night they started him on his first feeding of breast milk which was a big step!

It looks a little scary because he has a breathing tube and a feeding tube on top of the IVs and other monitors all over him.  We have started getting used to them but it can still be overwhelming.  The nurse that night also taught us that he likes to be contained.  It makes him feel safe and secure to have your hands laying on him or keeping his feet bunched up close, it reminds him of being back in the womb.

Here are some pictures we took that night with him:

Kristin holding him

Jason holding him

Jason showing off Landon's cute little feet

Our little man and his "Sunnies"

May 24th - Meeting Landon

Click on the link below to watch the video of the first time I got to see Landon.  Fair warning, it makes me cry every time but that might just be because I am extremely hormonal! 

Much Love,
Jason and Kristin

May 24th - The Day Landon was born

Landon Caleb Marley was born Tuesday, May 24th at 11:19am.  He was delivered via c-section and weighed 1 pound 6 ounces.  He scored an 8 and a 9 on his apgar scores (which is VERY good) and handled his delivery well.  Jason and Jenny were both in the operating room with me, Jenny holding my hand and walking Jason and I through the entire process.

The operating room was surprisingly calm and the experience was much better than I thought it would be.  Jason got to watch as they broke my water and pulled out our cute little boy.  Ladon let out teeny little baby cries when he came out, which we were not expecting, and it was the most precious sound I had ever heard.  Jason got to cut the umbilical cord, take some pictures and eventually went up the the NICU with him while they stitched me up and took me to recovery.  Below are some pictures from the most surreal day of my life!  :)

Baby Marley

The following pictures are of the first time I got to meet him, they wheeled me up from the recovery room.  They let me touch him for a few minutes which was so scary and so cool.

Much Love,
Jason and Kristin

Landon's Blog

Alright, so as much as we try, Jason and I just can't keep everyone as updated as we would like to. We are going to attempt to blog about our hospital adventures that way people can stay as up to date as they would like!  We have officially been parents now for one week and I can't even believe it.  It has been so crazy, wonderful, stressful, exhausting and amazing getting to experience life with a child.  God has blessed us with this adorable, teeny tiny little human that at some point we will get to take home and love on like crazy.  We have already experienced the overwhelming emotion of loving your baby and it is by far the coolest thing ever.  

We are going to share with you how this past week has been, all of the pictures we have taken, "firsts"  we have gotten to have, and I am sure along the way you will hear how taxing it is having your brand new baby stuck in the hospital.  We are so thankful for everyone's support and prayers but are starting to understand what a long journey this is going to be and hope you will continue to pray for Landon.  He will basically stay in the hospital until close to his due date, growing and getting stronger. 

We hope you all enjoy seeing pics of our little man and can't wait to show him off to you all as soon as we can! 

Lots of Love,
Jason and Kristin