Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 5th, Catch up once again...

I keep thinking that I will magically find time to update the blog (which I obviously suck at) but to no avail... until today.  When I get behind on posts it feels overwhelming to sit down and attempt to catch everyone up.  We have had some ups and downs since our last post...  The worst of that being when Landon "coded."  A few days after he developed Pulmonary Hypertension (what caused him to be intubated in the last post) we were walking in and they had called a code on Landon.  His heart had stopped beating and they had to do chest compressions on our little man.  I can't even begin to describe how that moment will forever be etched into my mind, how you are completely numb yet feeling every emotion possible, how the world stands still in the blink of an eye.  To this day they still are not completely sure of what caused it, maybe a bad reaction to all of his medications, who knows.  Landon made it through and within minutes was kicking and happy as a clam as Jason and I held his hand through tear filled eyes.  From that point on Landon proceeded to get better and better.

We anxiously watched as he slowly came off machine after machine.  We were moved into a private room, FINALLY!!!  Things were getting closer and closer and Jason and I are proud to inform you that our little man is now home with us!!!!  There is so much that happened in the interim but for now I will just get you up to speed, we can always go back and talk about the past.  (that would require more blog posts though so don't hold your breath, lol)

Landon came home with us October 24th.  We got to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving here and are looking forward to Christmas with our son at home.  As great as it is that he is home, he is still on oxygen, a feeding tube, and a pulse oximeter (measures the amount of oxygen in his blood.)  Landon is at high risk for catching colds, etc., any of which WOULD put him back in the hospital.  We are basically on house arrest for the remainder of winter (aka RSV season) but that is fine with us.  It is not easy being confined to the house with the excitement of the day being a quick stroller ride around the block but I have to keep reminding myself that this is WAY better than being in the hospital.

So far at home Landon has been doing wonderfully.  He is gaining weight, feeding on his own more frequently and we just decreased his oxygen needs this past week.  We still have an uphill battle before us but for now we are looking at the good, our man is finally home.

Here are some more recent pics of Landon, sorry for some of them... they are phone pics:

Our First Stroller Ride in the NICU!

Little Man loves his bath time... this is one of my favorite pictures!

After another bath, this kid might be part fish

Passing our Car Seat Test... one of the last things to do before we went home

"What?!?!  You are really going to let me leave with these people?"

Yup, in the car and about to have a nervous breakdown...  I will possibly tell you about that later :)

Made it home...

Now What?

Hard to see but our first REAL walk, we tried to go to Starbucks but only made it around the block the first time.

Landon's First Halloween Costume, he is a Guido Baby! 
"Fist Pump, Push ups, Chapstick"

"Hey Jason, can you watch Landon while I go take a shower?" 
 "No Problem babe" 
LOL, sleeps just like his dad

Playing with his toy which just happens to be an owl

Happy Boy

LOVES Sleeping on our bed

Naked man after his vaccines

 And a few shots from our mini photo session one morning:

Hope you enjoyed the quick update

Much Love,
Jason and Kristin


  1. I have been chacking, and checking and yipee! Your post made me cry but I am so happy he is home! You are all in our prayers and I can not wait to meet your sweet little man!

  2. This is totally random, but I learned of your story via Dream Book Designs (which I found via Miss Mustard Seed) and check in regularly to see Landon's progress. You don't know me, but I think of you and what your family has gone through often and I just want you to know that I pray for all of you, and admire your strength, resilience and faith. I will continue to pray for the continued recovery and development of your son and that he grows to know that he is loved by two very wonderful and devoted parents. I hope that 2012 brings great joy to your family and am so happy that your son is now home with you! Many blessings.