Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5th... Back to the Beginning???

The Good... Saturday Bath Time!!!

please get the pits, I'm stinking myself out of my crib...
 I'm watching you two very closely, if you miss anything I'll let you know...
 I think you got everything, can we be done now?

The Bad...

So now that we got the cute out of the way let's move on to the bad. On our return home Sunday night we received a call that our little man was finally losing his battle on breathing. He was taken off of the normal oxygen feed they were giving him (a.k.a. high flow) and put back on CPAP (the ugly tube strapped down to his little nose, which I think I'll rename HippopotoNose).

We had known for a couple days that Landon was having to work to breathe a little bit more than the nurses and doctors wanted him too, but we were all hoping and praying he'd over come the difficulties. We returned to the hospital to find Landon looking a little more like yester-month all decked out in his plastic tubing and looking uncomfortable. We did a quick change, waited for him to settle, and set out on our way home. On our way home Kristin and I both discussed our concerns and made mention that at least he wasn't intubated, but both expressed that we shouldn't get to comfortable yet.

The Ugly
... Phone call at 12:30am?!?!? (on my phone... not a big deal, probably just a friend that butt dialed, however, on Kristin's phone not likely). Our concerns were met and exceeded, Landon figured why work on Labor day and gave up on breathing. The call was immediately made to reintubate and we were back on ventilation just as we quietly feared. Oh and shortly after our arrival at the hospital in the morning we went back on the "Jet" which was our very first ventilator after his arrival May 24th. (yeah! -sarcasm) 

With everything that's happened it's hard not to feel a little defeated, but we're hoping he's just taking a day or two off of work so he can come back on the offensive and kick some ventilator ass.

So what's the diagnosis doc???
To make a long story short, his lungs aren't getting the blood they need to keep up. The "Jet" is going to keep his lungs inflated so he gets the time he needs to build his reserve energy back up and we'll start this over again. The doctor's have prescribed him a couple things to help with the blood flow and some sedatives so he can actually get some rest and heal. There's been a couple of scenarios expressed to us that have some pretty long term effects, but let's pray that those don't happen and if they do I'll explain then.

I'm praying for fast healing and then I'll be going on a campaign for a middle name change from Caleb to "the wolverine"   Landon "The Wolverine" Marley    now to talk the wife into it...

Last but not least a picture is worth a thousand words...
When we told Sake her new friend might be out a little longer.

With much love,
Jason and Kristin


  1. just checking in, hope all is well... x

  2. Also hoping all is well. xo

  3. Wow, you guys have been through so much... I'll be tuning in for an update! Landon is such a miracle, I pray that he is in good health. Lots of love from a fellow preemie mom.